Monday, 2 July 2012

Twerley (To early) starts x 2

Yesterday we set off for the locks at 8:00am we had decided to go no matter what the weather was doing, and again it was raining, light to start with, but as we got further down the locks it was quite heavy.       We cruised back through Burnley, although the weather was worse than when we came up, we had a better view across the embankment.  It was windy as well yesterday, which made it interesting as times as the canal is very open and exposed for much of this stretch.  We also had views of Pendle Hill and at times could see the summit, and at times we couldn't for the cloud!  We continued through Rose Grove and Hapton and moored in a rural spot by the golf course last night. (bridge 109 )

This morning we set off about 8:30 so we could hit the locks in Blackburn mid-morning.  It was a better morning (not raining) although it was still windy and quite gusty at times.  The top lock in Blackburn had a lot of rubbish, in it and around it, we knew there had been a problem yesterday with flooding further down the flight and partly this could have been caused by the rubbish in the by-washes.  There was a lot of water flowing down the locks and by-washes which made the lock gates really heavy.

We continued to Riley Green where we had said we might moor, we decided as we had made good time to continue and decide what to do when we got to Johnson Hill Locks.  When we got to this lock flight the weather had improved a bit so after filling up the water tank we set off down the locks.  By the time we got to the second lock it was raining again.  These locks also had a lot of water flowing through, so much so that by letting the lock we were in go, meant that I couldn't open the gates on the next one as it was overflowing, even with all the paddles open, so I was having to open the gates on the lock below before letting the one above go.  The back gates were overflowing as the boat was going down the lock.

We have checked the engine bilges which thankfully are dry today, yesterday we got a lot of water in one side from the locks.  These locks are causing us problems as we filled the front ( locker) with water on the way up the locks and are having to watch the engine bilges when descending the locks, this is because the locks leak and are overflowing and also as we are 58 1/2' and the locks are 60', so we don't have a lot of room.

We continued through Chorley and stopped at Adlington for a quick Co-op and Post Office stop and have continued along mooring about 1.5 miles from the top of the Wigan flight.  Weather permitting (well as long as its not torrential rain) we will descend the flight tomorrow, its not looking good that we will find someone to share with as we have hardly seen anyone moving the last few days.

Since mooring tonight we have had two really heavy downpours, one with the direction of the wind caused the rain to blow under the back hatch and leak through the roof!

Chris & Wendy - we saw the half way point and the wallaby on the way back!

Half way point of the Leeds Liverpool Canal

Overflowing Locks

Sunday 20 miles 7 locks 3 swing bridges  Gannow Tunnel (559 yards)
Monday 22 miles 13 locks 

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