Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bugsworth to Hall Green

Yesterday we left Bugsworth Basin, even though it was light mizzy rain.  We had an early start, I left John watering etc at the services in Bugsworth and walked to Tescos, did the shopping and he picked me up at the junction all by 8:30.  We had a short hop to TW Marine.  We had a discussion with the guy, he had a good look around, took some photos, a bit of head scratching etc.  A few suggestions to solve the problem none of which can be done immediately as TW Marine are too busy so after a couple of hours we continued our journey and will have a think about which/what we want to do.

We continued up to Marple, just before the turn onto the Macclesfield Canal there was total confusion ahead, as the boat in front of us headed for the marina arm and then quickly realised his mistake and turned back onto the main canal, but his confusion was due to there being a boat sideways across the cut.  The boat had been moored up but the pins had come out, we managed to pull it in and repin it.  It was actually bashing against a lovely wooden boat that moors at Marple.

We contined turning down the Macclesfield, and then got behind a chap who obviously seated could not see the front of his boat, he went from one side of the canal to the other and back again and stood up at each bridge hole and also slowed right down and then stopped then a bit faster then stopped, we then realised that he was bird watching and when he saw something he stopped!  He knew we were behind him but he never offered for us to overtake, after quite a frustrating while (and a further three boats behind us) we managed to overtake him and believe me we were not in a hurry!.

The canal is a mixture of rural scenic countryside, with views of the pennines and hills and  passing through outskirts of towns and villages.  Some of the old mill buildings have been converted into housing and some into industrial units.  We moored at the top of Bosley Locks last night.

We intended having an early - ish start today, however we were both woken by a boat going past at 6:00 am, not quite that early!!  However we were off by 8 again. (And I will say this very quietly but it has been sunny today, the wind was chilly and when the sun went in, you would have said March temperatures not July, but hey it didn't rain). We had a good run down the twelve locks but didn't meet anyone until four locks from the bottom and then there was a boat in them all.  We had a quick chat to a family who we were moored near in Barnoldswick - sorry we didn't catch the name of the boat, but it was nice to meet you and hopefully we can have a longer chat next time!, they are heading back to Barnoldswick.  We then continued down through the outskirts of Congleton to Hall Green where we have moored.

We have seen more boats, moving and moored in the last two days than we think we have since March, we know this is a popular canal, but maybe - just maybe, perhaps .... more boats are on the move??

Confusion with a boat adrift

Roving Bridges or Turnover Bridges, these allow a horse towing a boat to cross the canal when the towpath changes sides without unhitching the tow rope.

Very muddy towpaths


A few nice gaffs along this stretch

Wednesday 22 miles 2 lift bridges 4 swing bridges
Thursday  9.5 miles 12 locks

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