Monday, 21 April 2014

Trumpton comes a calling.

We have had a weekend in Northampton, thanks again to Jane and Paul for putting us up!

This has allowed us the time to de winterise the systems, filling up once again the water and getting the central heating going in order to air out the boat.  She has survived the winter really well.  Fingers crossed, apart from a wash and polish, the boat is ready to go.  Just a shame we are not!  Still, the old knee, ( or rather the new one!) is slowly recovering, but is not as yet ready for the rigours of boating.

So, next visit, all being well, we can commence the "Big clean".

Arriving at the boat today we were greeted by the fire brigade.  Now as our smoke alarm decided to pack in a few weeks ago, we readily agreed to a survey.  Upon completion, we were presented with two new smoke alarms, as well as two for carbon monoxide, so well chuffed.  A big thank you to the brigade.

Once again, the dehumidifier has come into it's own. A brilliant bit of kit and well worth the investment. We would not be without it for use after the winter lay up.

We hope to return over the next bank holiday weekend in early may in order to bring a shine back to the old girl, weather permitting!  And hopefully, sort out a problem with the radio, which we think is down to the aerial.  As the cable is routed from the roof and behind the panelling, prepare for some expletives methinks........

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A bit of a catch up.

Normally, by this date we would be off!  Or at least getting ready to.

The start will be delayed somewhat this year.  In late February, John had a complete knee replacement.  This was after several years of limping along the towpath.  2013 was brilliant, apart from this, which did formulate a plan.  Let's get the bloody thing sorted!

Well, the deed is now done, but recovery will take a little time.  Every day, in every way, it does get a little better.  The recovery is slow, but getting there.

So we will remain moored at Crick until mid summer and then hopefully, we will be off!  The negatives are that we had to cancel blacking untill later this year, the posotives are that we will be at Crick for the show!  

The boat has been neglected somewhat, but we hope to remedy this in the near future. The wash and polish we gave her in the autumn appears to have paid dividends in that this will be all that is needed to bring her up to scratch.  Just cosmetic really.

We are both really looking forward to getting out, bring it on!