Thursday, 28 April 2011

6 weeks to 'D' day (well launch day!)

We have a date for the launch, it will be the 6th June and we have been today to see the progress.  The painting is coming along and has really made a difference to how the boat looks, gone is the red primer replaced with the black and grey.  The roof is finished and has a non-slip coating and Mark was painting the sides whilst we were visiting.  Neil has made the rear steps, which are removable so we can get into the cupboards, we asked for solid steps for two reasons, they give us extra storage and also our dog (Ben) can easily get up them (hopefully).  He has also made the bathroom doors, which look great, the cupboard above the bed and the plate rack which Neil has made from a picture that we took on the hire boat we had on the Mons & Brec last year as we thought it was a really good idea.  Again we are really pleased with the quality of the work, they all look really good.  Ali has been busy giving the woodwork a final coat, and the linings of the doors and hatches, these look great as well.   Everything is all coming together now, once the sides are painted the ports can go in and the houdinis will be going in next week. 

Hopefully everything will be nearly finished for the Beacon Boats Open Weekend.  If you are looking for a new boat and would like to view Triskaideka please contact Ali or Neil on Tel. 07949 984656 Email  They won't be at Crick show this year, so you may arrange to visit, view and meet them over the May bank holiday, 27th-30th.  They have recently had a build slot delayed and put back, due to a future customers personal circumstances. This means there is currently an empty build slot available next year (2012).

Plate rack

Rear Steps

Over Bed Cupboard 

 Changing colours


Grey not cream as this may look!

Lined doors

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Houdinis & Paint

John did a quick visit to Beacon Boats yesterday as the houdinis had arrived and the painting has started.  The houdinis look great, but unfortunately one has been damaged in transit so has to be redone.  The painting has started and the boat has gone from red to undercoat gunmetal grey, it looks really different.  Ali & Neil have been busy preparing the woodwork, cratch, making the cupboards above the bed and the engine controls and no doubt lots of other things!


Thursday, 7 April 2011

More Cupboards, ports no houdinis or painter!

We took our fourtnightly visit to Beacon yesterday, I have managed to keep John away, now he is on leave pending his retirement!  Neil has been busy making some more cupboards, Ali has been staining the cratch and oiling the front door inserts.  The portholes are now in, but will need to come out again, the mushrooms are on the roof and other chrome bits!  The engine is being prepared as well.  Ali (M) is going to give the t&g on the walls another coat.  Hopefully the external painting will start very soon.  We also went to meet Bonnie who is going to paint our front door ports  The houdinis should be delivered on Monday.

Ports in and gleaming blacking

start of bathroom unit

View of saloon showing two cupboard units

Lockgate wall panel

Side hatch window frames

Saloon cupboards