Thursday, 26 July 2012

Gosh. What a tiring day!

After the exertions of yesterday, we decided to have a bit of a rest today.  Ali also fancied a little retail therapy and a visit to the hairdressers. So, we travelled but one mile to Whitchurch!

Our mooring last night was above Grindley brook, so a quick shufty in reverse took us to the water points to once again fill up and empty.  I feel a little better today so the old hen worked.... As we were moving back, we spoke with the single hander who followed us up the locks yesterday.  He told us that he had been up since 6 am pumping out his boat!

Turns out that whilst coming up the middle lock of the staircase, with his cratch and bow doors open, the force of water leaking from the lock gates had resulted in there being 2" of water in the boat!  The chap was visibly upset as you would be and explained that there were no bollards to secure the boat. He had got off to work the paddles, with the lock keeper when he saw the boat move forward into the flow and was powerless to stop it.  We felt so sorry for him.  He went on to say that another boater had suffered the same fate earlier in the day, again another single hander. Appears today there were two lock keepers on the flight!

After filling up we travelled the gruelling mile to New mills lift bridge. The weather was glorious. Ali lifted the bridge and I then reversed into the Whitchurch arm, which was virtually deserted.  We then walked into the town centre and had a look around.  Ali managed to find a hairdressers with an afternoon appointment, so we did a supermarket shop, or rather a half shop, which I took back to the boat, Ali then completing the shop after her appointment.

As the day progressed, more and more boats entered the arm and it is now at full capacity, literally button to button.  I contacted C.A.R.T. and booked passage down the Monty for Saturday, so it looks like Ellesmere here we come tomorrow!

1 Mile.  1 lift bridge.  No Grump's


  1. Oh no -- was that Martin on Ice Breaker who had his boat flooded?


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