Sunday, 26 December 2010

Beacon Boats-Niceley mad!!!!

Well after the madness of christmas with Ali's family( very nice i should add), came home on boxing day evening after a horrible drive and sat down to relax. Mobile then went. Who could this be? Well it was Neil from Beacon. Now if your boat builder rings you on Boxing day, what would be your first thoughts? With me, it was some form of disaster. So, with trepidation i listened.....

The bad news is.... Neils motorbike and his power drill have packed up!

This man is totally mad! In a very nice way. He works 24/7. So why had he telephoned me? To ascertain the position of the wall lights.!

You know, that's why we chose Beacon. Slightly mad, but ever so genuine. Just love them. Neil lives to work and is passionate in what he does. Ali is not far behind!


Thursday, 16 December 2010

On the Move

On a very wet, cold day, NB Triskaideka was moved from XR&D to Beacon Boats for fit out.  A big thanks to everyone involved in loading it and all the extra help at Beacon in getting it into the workshop!  We passed the lorry on the A46, really strange to see 'our boat' on a lorry!  Really sorry we couldn't get to XR&D to see it being loaded.
A few pictures below, but more on  including photos of QE3's launch.

one in, one out

Will it fit?

Launch of QE3

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Snowy Visit to XR&D

John made another visit to XR&D today, our roads are still packed ice and although the main roads were clear he came across the same conditions at Boughton.  The lads even had to push him out (in his car) of the ice when he left.  The boat looks great, although with the roads on the Industrial Estate being packed ice the moving of the boat to Beacon is looking doubtful for next Thursday unless we get a massive thaw!  Although we are coping with the -10 + conditions at home, at least we both go to work and have normal temperature's, whilst the lads at XR&D are working in the - temperatures all day - thanks guys really appreciate it!

More photos - including the snow at Boughton Camp, one week on from the snow!

Monday, 29 November 2010

We have a roof!

Braving the weather John went to XR&D today, talk about life in the freezer, got to XR&D found the bog frozen and the workshop colder than outside, really appreciate that work goes on, working with steel in these conditions can't be easy!

The boat is really coming together now, waiting for the engine and Houdini's.   Really appreciate what the lads in the workshop are doing on our boat despite the weather conditions and Ali & Neil at Beacon Boats as they are working in similar temperatures completing the present boat so they are ready for ours!

(Lee be impressed - same night!) - Ali

Friday, 19 November 2010

My first visit!

Although John has been a couple of times, I have finally got to XR&D to see the boat being built.  It's coming along nicely and looks really good.  The lads are working hard but now have a deadline.  The shell will be moved to Beacon Boats for fit out on the 16th December.

and finally, despite his very traumatic week, Ben enjoyed his walk in Clumber Park this afternoon, running all over the place, with only a bit of a limp towards the end!

and so we did we, although it was still quiet foggy!

Monday, 8 November 2010

Second visit to XR&D

John visited XR&D today to see the progress on the build.  It's coming on!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

NB Triskaideka is born

John has been to XR&D today, the guys have started our build (last Saturday) unfortunately due to us both having really bad colds we couldn't get down at the weekend, so by Johns visit today its taking shape.  Bow being started next week after another delivery of steel!  Looking good!