Saturday, 30 June 2012

Pennines or Lake District?

Its the Pennines or due to the amount of rain is it the lake district? We are beginning to wonder and despite yet another day of heavy downpours we have come across a number of pounds that have been very low today.

We left our lovely mooring in sunshine and although windy it was dry.  We shared the locks again today although there was only three.  The top of the locks was a little chaotic, the two boats that had gone up the locks in front of us were moored on the services and asked if we wanted to use the services which we both did, so they said they would move off, but they had wanted to stay and have a 'brew'!  As they went to move off a boat came through the bridge to use the lock, this boat came and moored on the lock landing, we started to move out of the lock, as another boat came under the bridge, the two on the services still had not moved off, as they did the second one through the bridge started to turn around straight in front of the boats coming out of the lock, we all eventually moored, moved off, went into the lock, at which point a wide beam hire boat came storming through the bridge hole, heading straight for the boat we had shared the lock with who was now moored in front of us.  A lot of people pushing and hard reverse the boat just missed the moored boat, it then headed straight for our bow, I realised that this hire boat had no front fender and the bow was about to hit us, more reverse and pushing off, and they managed to reverse away from us, straight into the side of the boat in front of us.  Eventually without any further collisions they managed to get to the lock landing and as we left they were heading down the locks.

After using the services we headed for Barnoldswick, where we moored and walked to the shops.  On our return we moved up to Lower Park Marina and refuelled, it was as we were mooring up for the fuel that we heard the thunder, quickly followed by the first of many heavy showers.  We had been lucky up to this point as there had been some very dark clouds around.

We left the marina when it abated and moved just down the cut to moor alongside Kath & George on NB Sirus, we had said our goodbyes last week but when we  turned around we said we would call in for coffee on the way back past them.  Kath had made some lovely scones accompanied (very naughtily) with jam and cream.   The rain came again, so we partook in a further coffee and eventually said our goodbyes again and set off for the Foulridge Tunnel.

We had to wait for the green lights as the tunnel is timed and we had to wait for the hour.  It was very wet in places going through, and even wetter on the exit as it was raining again.  Once through we continued along to the visitor moorings at the top of the Barrowford Locks where we have moored.  There could be quiet a queue in the morning as it looks like there are a number of boats in front of us, although we are hoping that some are only out for the weekend and may be turning around in the morning.

This is why we didn't mind turning around knowing the views were going to be stunning

The dog roses are starting to flower

The canal twists and turns along this stretch, hopefully the map shows it

as the photos don't really show it

Waiting for the red light to turn green at Foulridge Tunnel

9 miles 3 locks Foulridge Tunnel 1640 yards

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