Thursday, 19 July 2012

To Chester

We spent the night moored opposite the Shady Oak.  This was not our original mooring choice, as we had pulled into the bank between two moored boats a few hundred yards prior.  Must say, the reaction of one of the moorers "There is more space around the corner" did put us off somewhat.  He obviously wanted to " Be alone ". So we moved to what turned out to be a far better spot!

We just had to support the re opened pub, unkind not to....   Beer was good, food average.

The forecast for Wednesday was poor (again) so we had every intention of sitting it out.  However, the sky brightened and the sun came out, so off we went.  The canal here is rather pleasant, until you reach the rather extensive Golden nook in line moorings.  These extend for what seems miles and as this stretch is rather straight, there seems no end to them when you are chugging at tick over!

Once past these, the canal resumes it's meandering course to the outskirts of Chester.  I know not why, but the moorings in the city have never appealed, so we decided to stop at Christleton.  This is far enough out to walk in if feeling energetic and avoids dropping down the locks before the next winding point.  There is also a very good bus service from here.  The curse of Chester is the paucity of water and elsan points so we had filled up, and emptied out ready for this.

Of course, it poured down just as we neared the city, big plops that really wet one ! Only a short shower thank goodness.

Now moored outside of the Cheshire cat.  Good beer and food so we just had to pop in last night and it was steak night !  And very good it was too. (There is a water tap just within the gate from the towpath here, wonder if the pub would mind us using it?)

So a day in the city today.  When it stops's raining!

6 Miles, No locks, No Grumpy Git's

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  1. A blog worth reading, like a 24 hour report. Good to know that you are enjoying your retirement John. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Anon. Care to identify yourself?

    x John.


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