Sunday, 12 January 2014

Salford Quays lift bridge

Now this is a bridge that I would like to have to lift! Although I think we would get under without it being raised.

The Salford Quays lift bridge or Salford Quays Millennium footbridge is  91.2 metre long vertical lift bridge spanning the Manchester Ship Canal.  The bridge which was completed in 2000 is near the terminus of the ship canal at the old Manchester Docks.  It links Salford Quays to Media City UK and has a lift of 18 metres allowing large water craft to pass beneath.

We were at Salford Quays for the brilliant Warhorse, but had to have a bit of a canal fix so had a wander around the Quays, they would be a great stop for a narrowboat some lovely moorings but unfortunately no access! I do not suppose Peel holdings feel that allowing narrow boats to make use of the Quays is financially viable. This is a shame as it would make the area a lot more vibrant.

Just as impressive by night