Monday, 16 July 2012

Too good to be true (two dry days)

Well we had two days with hardly any rain, today it rained all day although it was supposed to clear this afternoon, it didn't and only stopped about an hour ago, needles to say we haven't moved.

Yesterday morning we cruised from Wheelock to Middlewich, an earlish start, wasn't the sunny morning that was promised but it was ok. The canal is quite rural up to the outskirts of Middlewich where the brine pumping and rock salt works appear.  Dropping down Kings Lock to the junction of the Middlewich there were a number of boats, most heading to Stoke, a hire boat (just collected) who despite there being a few adults on the boat, seemed unable to read the map and were asking which way to Llangollen, they were directed, although I later realised that no one told them which way to turn when they get to Barbridge Junction!  We turned onto the Middlewich Branch through Wardle Lock and moored up.

Janet & Wully had arranged to come and see us in the afternoon as they were in the area ready for Craigs Graduation in Manchester today.  They arrived mid afternoon with Sue & Jeff and after a quick tour of Triskaideka we all decamped to the White Bear for a late lunch.  We all enjoyed our food and it was lovely to see everyone.
Swallows nests under the bridges

6 miles, 5 locks

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  1. Hello john

    I remember you taking me to Chester many years ago. I keep up with your travels when I go to Sally's or John's. Hope you are enjoying your retirement .

    Love , Big E xxx

  2. Big E. So very nice to hear from you. Time you got a computer! And yes, you would be able to deal with it... I did and as you well know, I is thick!

    Back home late september/october so will catch up then.

    XXX. John.


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