Sunday, 22 July 2012

Tattenhall, and then beyond.

After leaving Christleton, we poodled along the cut in somewhat decent weather. After so long without any form of catch up stop, we had phoned Tattenhall marina and confirmed that they could accomodate us for a couple of days. Could they! This marina is in a beautiful setting, with Beeston and Peckforton castles on the skyline, fantastic facilities, but is only I would say half full! Made it very nice for us, but as a buisness, surely this makes no sense whatsoever.

Anyway, once moored up, out came the trusty Hoover, then Ali set about the washing. Helped by me of course! The interior of the boat was soon spic and span. Ali was concerned in regard to the amount of shall we say damp under the bed, so she started a comprehensive sort out and clean. The weather up to now has just been so wet that airing the boat fully just has not been possible.

On Saturday, with the barometer on the up and the sun out, we walked into Tattenhall itself. Very pleasant. We then made our way to the "farm shop" about a mile from the marina. A bit of a dissapointment if I am honest after similar places nearer to home, but we did purchase some meat. We then walked to the Ice cream farm, very commercial, but family orientated. Ice cream is very good though!

On returning to the boat, we decided that the exterior really did need a clean. I have always been a great believer in natural products and I thought all the rain we have had would have sufficed, but Ali said no! I must admit, a wash and brush up see's Trisky looking at her very best, with many an admiring comment, pity the same never seems to apply to me!

We left the marina this morning and poodled down towards Beeston. We have spoken before about visiting the castle and with clear blue skies, I could not really think of a good excuse not to. So, mooring outside of The Shady Oak (see the alterior motive?), we walked up the lane then up to the summit of the castle. I really must admit, the views are fantastic. The 360 panorama is breathtaking. Thitrsty work though!

Whilst mooring up we had a chat to Paul from NB Manley Ferry aka Caxton who are moored a few boats up.

When we walked back to the boat, the pub beckoned. It was somewhat busy. I even had to get myself two pints to avoid embarrasment! Food I must say was worth the wait and very good value for money.

I have flummoxed Ali so far in not falling asleep!

To sum the day up. Perfick....
Islands of weed to avoid!

Huge willow trees at Christleton

A caravan boat
One of only 6 left in the country apparently

Miles of in-line moorings at Golden Nook Farm Moorings
 (125 boats, I counted well approx, I may have got a tad bored!)

Tattenhall Marina

Beeston Castle & the views from the top

One of those boats is NB Caxton (Manley Ferry)

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