Monday, 30 July 2012

Back to Ellesmere

We left Maesbury Marsh this morning, the forecast being better today than tomorrow so we decided to go back up the Monty rather than tomorrow in the rain. It was dry for most of the day with a few heavy showers.

We reached Ashton Locks and I realised as John went into the first lock that the pound above was very low, the gate had been open and we realised that a paddle was half up as well.  John got about 50 yards out of the lock, scraping the bottom before he was stuck, so I went up to the next lock to let some more water down. Eventually I saw Triskaideka coming around the corner very slowly, just floating.  I dropped the paddles and we managed to get into the lock ok.  The next pound was down a bit, but only as I had taken some extra out but we were ok from then on.  We had a steady cruise not seeing any additional boats, so we don't think anyone had come down the Monty at all on Sunday.

We arrived at the Frankton locks about 11:45 and I walked up to the top lock and the lock keeper, who said we could make our way up, I walked back and let John into the bottom lock, it was only as I went to close the paddle I realised it had a chain and padlock on it.  I had to walk back to the lock keeper, he had no idea it was padlocked and no idea where the key might be!  After a bit of searching he produced a key and fortunately it opened the padlock.  The lock keepers rotate the cover for Frankton Locks as the permanent lock keeper is ill, the one on today obviously wasn't on yesterday!

It was like going from a B road in the highlands to the M25 on a Friday afternoon when we pulled back onto the Llangollen, boats everywhere, two coming up and two coming down and us trying to exit the Montgomery, we managed to pull in behind one and before the next one came through the bridge and cruised back to Ellesmere and onto the arm, where we have moored.

As we pulled into the arm I thought I recognised a boat that we met last year in Warwick, it's a share boat so we were really surprised that it was the same family, (apparently its the same weeks as last year) we have had a long catch up with them this afternoon (sorry to delay you and hope you managed to find a nice mooring before it was dark! It was lovely to see you all again).  Where next year??

The new horse drawn boat at Maesbury Marsh

Locked Paddle

10 miles 8 locks No Grumps!


  1. Sat at work following your journey it's great! Me and Heather read it, when we ring up it's always have you read the blog. Going on boat for long wk/end (4Days) no Grumps over here, keep it up let's hope we can cruise with each other again. (I could take John for his daily medication YUM YUM)
    Wendy & Chris nb Bees Knees "Hi Heather"

  2. Hi both. You would love it here, but it is mega busy. Good fun though and the Montgomery is fabulous. After the mayhem of the Llangollen it is a haven of peace, and long may it remain so. Have a great time on your next weekend and yes, we will meet up again.


    John & Ali.

  3. Hi Ali and John
    It was lovely to see you both again in Ellesmere a year on after we first met in Warwick. We managed to moor where you recommended near the fishing club and just before the turn around point and got the television working :). The next day we moved onto Marbury and went to The Swan for tea we had a beautiful meal, afterwards we went behind the Church like you told us to and we were amazed by the wonderful view of the mere.
    unfortunately we are now back on dry land :(
    Happy cruising
    Kathy, Graham and James (Kingsley share boat)

  4. Lovely to see you all again. Glad the moorings and the pub were ok, you always worry about recommending places! We are moored in the same spot, did think we were going to have to move on as we couldn't get the tv and we wanted to watch some more of the Olympics, but the boat nearest the winding hole moved so we moved down a bit and got it straight away, might have to follow you to the Swan as well!

    Take care

    Ali & John


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