Friday, 27 November 2015

Beacon boat for sale (not ours)

If anyone is looking for a boat, unfortunately due to family circumstances NB Windsong is up for sale.  Have a look at their blog for details Windsong.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

An addendum to the final update!

Well that's it!
Boat now tucked up for the winter. We have spent the weekend doing those last jobs, mainly emptying the cupboards of perishables and other items that we can use at home. Surprising just how much there was!
Ali also completed the treatment of the floor and after letting it dry for 24 hrs, we were back to drain down the water systems. We also managed to fit the under gunwale led lights as recommended by Karen and Ian, which look really good. As ever, I tinkered and fitted a lower profile cowl on the flue, in prep for the new solar panel. This is a somewhat heath Robinson contraption, adapted from a cheap gas cowl, and intended merely as a weather cover for when the stove is out of use.
So hopefully, she is ready for whatever the winter holds.
Thank's again to Jane & Paul for putting us up and a happy first birthday to Noah.
Next visit will hopefully see the new panel fitted and make us a little more self sufficient when we stop for a day or two on hot summer(!) day's. Then the fun swopping the radiators around is due and how I am looking forward to that!
Roll on spring.