Friday, 27 July 2012

Weather on the turn, again?

We set off from Whitchurch this morning in bright sunshine and a mere breath of wind.  The arm was busy last night and some of the shennanigans watching a boat try to turn right and under the lift bridge did raise a smile. As did the chap who untied as we were passing him and saw his bow swing out alarmingly.  No harm done.

We had an uneventful and even  peaceful journey, again suprised at just how few boats were on the move for this canal, at this time of year. We passed through the long straight at Whixhall Moss, and then stopped for water at Bettisfield.  For some reason, this is not shown on our Nicholsons, but we pencilled it in on a previous visit.  It is always good to top up with water, especially as we had completed a clothes wash utilising the travel power whilst on the move.  The next services are at Ellesmere, but we intended to moor before these, primarily because it is always busy, but secondly, as the moorings in, will possibly give a better TV reception for the Olympic opening ceremony tonight.

So without any problems we arrived in Ellesmere and moored prior to the junction.  We had a walk with the rubbish and cassette to the services, then Ali went to do a little shopping.  I am still not 100 percent, so returned to the boat.  Little in the way of rest though as all the boats we had not seen in the morning arrived in convoy in both directions and are now seeking a mooring spot.

It is still a very pretty and rural canal.  Takes some beating.

The cloud increased during the day and the temperature dropped markedly.  However, late afternoon and the sun is once again out, but the wind is strong. Fingers crossed for our trip down the Monty.

I do not understand boat electrics. I had a discussion in regard to this with James, N.B. Chance , last night.  James, just for info just before switching off the travel power the battery charger was showing "float". "Smartguage" 100 percent.
Must get some education in this matter....

Cooling off ....

This isn't real

But this one is!

Prees Branch


Its difficult to see but
this is the neatest log pile we have ever seen

Past the meres
one of my favourite mooring spots, but not today

12 Miles.  0 Locks.  4 Lift bridges.  1 Tunnel of 87 yards.

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