Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Return trip continued

We set off in much cooler weather than yesterday, which was better for the locks, we started with the Buckby lock flight, then at the top lock did the necessary 'services', we then turned back onto the Grand Union Leicester Section, up to the Watford Flight.  We didn't have to wait long, there was a boat coming down, one already in the pound above the first lock, and then we were off as there was nothing else coming down.  The lockies said it had been really quiet, they had only had one boat down and a few up all morning.  We then continued through Crick tunnel to Yelvertoft Marina.  We are going to stay here for about a week, so no more blogging until we are back on the cut.

Stoke Bruerne Locks - yesterday sunny skies!

Yelvertoft Marina moorings 

8.5 miles 13 locks

Monday, 27 June 2011

Return Trip

We started day with the last two locks of the Stoke Bruerne flight, followed by Blisworth tunnel, we then retraced our route along the Grand Union and have moored just below Buckby Lock flight, sandwiched between the M1 and the West Coast main line, earplugs at the ready!

11.5 miles & 2 locks

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Stayed put!

We didn't move today, we have had a lovely day with family. Helen, Mark, Isabella & Harry, came to see us this morning, Isabella had made us a narrowboat,
we fed the ducks, went for a short walk around Stoke Bruerne followed by lunch, we then spent the afternoon doing very little, making the most of the good weather. Jane & Paul then met us at the Navigation pub for a few drinks this evening.

Our moorings
(getting the chairs out!)

Ducklings awaiting dinner

Isabella feeding the ducks

Harry playing with Uncle John

Our boat that Isabella made for us

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Just a short trip today, 5 locks and a few miles saw us back at Stoke Bruerne. We are seeing family this evening and tomorrow.

4 miles & 5 locks

Friday, 24 June 2011

Blisworth - Wolverton - Grafton Regis

We left Blisworth this morning, did the tunnel, had a bit of an incident at the beginning of the tunnel as a boat hit us, we were tight up against the wall, he obviously wasn't and we took a good bump, passed another 3 boats coming the other way all without any problems. We got through Stoke Bruerne, stopped for water at the top of the locks and Elsan at the bottom lock, as although Nicholson's says there is an Elsan at the top, there isn't! Carried on through some lovely countryside, to Cosgrove and then onto Wolverton and into Milton Keynes, where we turned around just after the aqueduct, stopped in Wolverton and did a tesco shop, then continued back towards Stoke Bruerne, we saw some lovely moorings on the way down, obviously we were not the only ones to think so as they were full when we got back, so we are moored further towards Stoke Bruerne than we anticipated, just managed to moor before the rain came, although we are on a bit of a shelf at the stern so the boat is a bit on a slope! No TV, not really a problem, but do have internet, so Ali has watched the tennis on-line.

One for Isabella Mabel grace!

Stoke Bruerne

Taking a bit of a rest!

Pretty Weirs

Gothic Style Bridge - Cosgrove

Great Ouse Aqueduct

Wall Art in Milton Keynes

18 miles, 9 locks

Short trip Bugbrooke to Blisworth

A somewhat blustery but non the less pleasant day, saw us make but a short trip. We had booked in for the first engine service with Sam, foxtonboats@btinternet.com . He arrived at 1500. All was well and with fresh oil in both engine and gearbox, we chugged to Blisworth ready for that tunnell this morning!

We have for some time struggled to connect to the satellite for the Tv. This has now been resolved.Whilst it is nice to now have access to television, did not really miss it as radio 4 gives you all the news and current affairs as well as a broad sweep of entertainment, you could wish for. Ali prefers radio 2!

Not keen on tunnells, so will update later today!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Weltonfield to Bugbrooke

We left Weltonfield this morning to very iffy looking skys, but we have been really lucky all day, only got caught about 30 mins before mooring up, and we got soaked, but typically British summer, the sun came out and it was really hot again in minutes!  We shared the Buckby Lock Flight with another boat which made life easier.  We have passed some lovely boats today, most I imagine are heading for the Braunston Rally.  We stopped at Whilton Marina to go to the chandlery and were apporached by a lovely couple who were looking for a narrowboat, we were happy to show off Triskaideka and recommend Beacon Boats & XR&D to them.

Coal boat loading up

Our moorings tonight

7.5 miles 7 locks today

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Welford to Crick to Weltonfield

We left Welford on Monday morning to sunny skies.  The Welford arm is definitely worth a visit, even if there is no beer festival!  Its a lovely stretch of rural canal, with only one small lock!  We travelled onto Yelvertoft planning to moor, but there was no room, so we continued onto Crick and only just managed to squeeze in there.  We went for a walk around Crick village, saw the cottage we had been eyeing up had been sold (for the 3rd time!).

This morning we left Crick, did a very wet Crick tunnel, the Watford Flight, again fairly wet as the heavens opened.  We were planning to go onto Braunston, however after chatting to a few fellow boaters, we realised its the  Historic Narrowboat Rally this weekend, and apparently there were no moorings this morning, so we thought the chance of getting any this afternoon were remote.  We had a quick change of plan and decided to moor just before exiting the Grand Union Leicester Section, which we did.  After a bit of lunch we walked into Braunston, we managed to beat the narrowboats going up the canal to Braunston although the footpath over the tunnel is a bit of a climb and a map might have been a good idea, the boats exited the tunnel before us but we overtook them at the locks!  So the rally has changed our plans and we are now going to head towards Milton Keynes as we are coming back to this area in a week or so, before setting off for Oxford.

Moorhens by our mooring

 Whoops - dodgy exit from the nest

Welford Lock

One for Ally!

Exiting Crick Tunnel

Watford Locks

First Cake made on board

Some of the historic boats already at Braunston