Thursday, 27 January 2011

We have a ceiling and rooms!

As John posted yesterday, we went to Beacon and again were surprised at the progress.  The oak ceiling is up as far as can be until the lockgate is fitted and the bulk heads are in. 

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Back again.

Well we have been back and the progress is amazing. Now we chose a Beta 43, but the cocooned product is a Beast.  It fills the engine ole, leaving little room to access any other systems! Neil has prooved to be double jointed ! Seriously though, room is very limited. Mayhap not the best choice for a semi trad, but time will tell!  Neil and Ali have more than proven that we made the right choice over the last few weeks.They have resolved issues, kept us updated and assured. Nothing phases them.

The Roof hatch problem is now resolved, thanks to Ali(M) and we have today visited the chandlers to collect a few bits and bobs including Anchors and safety items. The boat sits gradually coming together and looks" mint "as my nephew would say!

I am sure SWMBO will add comment and photo's when she can.


Friday, 21 January 2011


Our visit to Beacon last week revealed massive progress. Very impressed. Does Neil ever sleep one asks?  We are going again on the 26th for a chandlery visit and will no doubt take some more photo's.
One minor glitch, and that was entireley our fault. We made the mistake of specifying a smaller non standard roof hatch. These were to be cast brass and chromed. The supplier was a small metal founders specializing in marine ware. Without going into detail, upon delivery, they were unfit for purpose and we had to reject them. As there are three and without a resolution, we feared a delay caused by us...

Altering the upstands is not an option.

This has left us now looking for an alternative supplier. Not easy due to the size! As ever, Ali (M) to the rescue and as i write she has made some enquiries, so fingers crossed. Why oh why did we go for a non standard size!


Saturday, 15 January 2011

Wow - its coming on!

We have finally managed to get to Beacon today.  What a surprise, we have walls, electrics, some plumbing and were really impressed how much had been done.

Loving our radiators

 and the beast of an engine, that we are going to find a very small space when we need to do anything!