Thursday, 24 March 2011

I am in Awe...

Of Neils knowledge and skills. This man is a whizz at all things electrical, but is also a craftsman in wood. The sheer quality and thought that goes into every piece he works on truly leaves me speechless.

As Ali has already said, our visit today left us with smiley smiles. Our concept, somewhat vague as it was, has been honed by Ali and Neil into our dream boat, but better....

The depth of knowledge they have has enabled us to formulate a basic spec, then a plan, then modify this were needed all with no stress whatsoever.

The boat is looking fantastic. The woodwork is superb.

Now you know why we chose Beacon. It was never just the product, but the people who impressed and continue to do so.  Not that long to launch now, so if anybody wishes to take a look at our boat whilst in build, please feel free to take a look and visit. I am sure there will be a coffee/tea on offer and even a biscuit!


Worktops, cupboards & coming on!

We have been down to Beacon Boats today, a lovely day and a good journey down and back.  There is progress everywhere you look on the boat, the worktop has been fitted to the kitchen units.  We are really impressed with the Silstone Quartz from Midland Stone, from templating to fitting was only a week.  The worktop is black but has 'sparkly' bits in it.

Neil has made a fabulous job of making the chest of drawers for the bedroom, he has put the drawers into the wardrobe unit and has built the unit in the saloon since our last visit.  The photo's don't do either the wood or the quality of the units justice.

The base plate for the stove has arrived and has been fitted into the floor.  The back of the stove will have a piece of the quarts behind it, which has a wooden surround.

Painting of the exterior should start next week.

Stove in place

Stern (top of the unit on the left)

Worktops in

Shower wall

Bedroom drawers

Cratch, light and horn

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Quick Update

Just a quick update, Ali (M) finished blacking the boat on Thursday afternoon.  Unfortunately no photos, but I'll take some next time we are down.  I would think by now she is no longer smelling of of Eau de bitumen and Eau de white spirit!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Thunderbox In!

We have been down to Beacon Boats today to look at the progress of the boat.  The galley cabinets are all in place, and the drawers made and in.  The bathroom is taking shape, with the shower wall being up, and the 'thunderbox' in.  The front step is made and the wood on the step and the thunderbox is really nice, it has great character, and the table will be made of the same wood.  The bed drawers are done and there is lots of fiddly (our words not theirs!) behind the scenes work being done.  We are really chuffed with both the progress and the quality of the work.  Midland Stone are coming tomorrow to template the worksurface and the fire back.  The double glazed portholes have arrived and look good.  The painting will start on 21st March and should be completed by Easter.  We have gone through the paint scheme with Ali this morning, it’s really difficult trying to visualise what will look good as we have not gone for the 'standard' Beacon colour scheme, instead we are having black and grey with a bit of red.  The stainless steel base for the lockgate should be arriving soon, then the rest of the floor can be laid, and the rear cupboard be built.  Pictures below, some are repeated due to the poor quality of the last ones, I have my camera back!  You can now see the mechanism for extending the dinette into a bed from 5ft 6" into 6', it’s a real work of art - thanks Neil! 
Extending dinette




Shower Wall (Bushboard)

Front Step

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Unexpected Build Slot

For anyone interested in Beacon Boats building for them, they currently have an unexpected slot available for a 2012 build. 2013 is booked up now, as is the first half of 2014.

Please contact Beacon on Tel. 07949 984656 or Email Website