Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Bah Humbug...

Sorry not to sound so festive, but had some news via an e-mail on the 19th that has fair taken the shine off christmas and the new year.

If you have followed the blog you will know that in late september we started to experiance a problem with the drive train. To cut a long story short, it would appear that since an incident on the maiden run, when the builders were on board, we have run with two of the three prop blades damaged and the bellows and rotor on the water lubricated stern gear not compressed as per specification.

We started to hear a severe knocking, which originated from the carbon flange on the water lubricated system.

The builders were fantastic, initially changing the prop and when this did not alleviate the problem changing the cutlass bearing, shaft and PSS Shaft seal. Initial trial runs appear to indicate all is well. Time will tell !

The aforesaid missive was to inform us that examination of the parts removed indicated wear caused by ingress of materials such as grit into the bearing causing the vibration and thus knocking of the flange.This is not a build or warranty issue apparently, but "wear and tear" and we are to be invoiced for labour and parts incurred.

Fair spoiled our christmas.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

She is ok!

We have made two visits to Yelvertoft in the last couple of weeks, both short and sweet as she was very cold!  We decided to leave no heat on which we hope will mean no condensation and so far so good.  The only issue was on the first visit the central heating header tank pipe had been leaking, this is a reoccurring problem but John tightened the clips up and all seems to be ok again now, but we have left a bowl under it in case it does drip again.

We also called at Whalin Upholstery to collect a Houdini bung that Darren had made for us.  It fits like a glove so he is making us two more.  We also took him the dinette seating and he is going to make us some wedges to go behind the cushions which in theory should bring the back of the dinette seating out slightly and make it more comfortable.  We did say that there was no rush for either but he has rung today to say they are ready for collection!

We have been to York and Lincoln recently and I thought I would share these photos with you.

We would like to wish all our blog readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.