Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Onto the Shroppie

We did a bit of shopping before leaving Middlewich this morning, so it was gone 11:00 before we untied and set off for the next lock.  We had a lovely cruise, we really like the Middlewich Branch, some lovely views and really rural, we are now back into the Shropshire Union Society Moorings, so some lovely, well kept mooring spots.  However, no queues at the locks and hardly anyone on any of the moorings.  From setting off to turning onto the Shroppie only eight boats passed us, but one of these left us aghast.  We were negotiating an old bridge on a bend, we beeped hard, no response so went for the narrow, three quarters of the way through a boat appears, heading straight at us at speed (no not a hire boat!), we reversed, as did he a little, he hardly pulled over so we had difficulty getting out of the bridge hole, as we passed John commented 'I did beep' to which his response was 'well perhaps you need a louder horn', great perhaps next time he passes Braidbar he should ask for one to be fitted to his boat as he obviously doesn't have one as he didn't beep at all.  Just wish we had been a bit quicker with a response, but to be honest I think we were both a bit gobsmacked!

We turned onto the Shroppie heading for Chester.  Using the services at Calvery we had every intention of mooring above Bunbury staircase, but the sun had come out and although not warm it was pleasant so we decided to continue and have cruised to the Shady Oak, sharing the locks with the ex-BW boat Tardebigge.

River Weaver still flooded

Lovely lock cottage garden

Herron fishing the in the by wash, 
he caught two fish whilst we were at the lock

15 miles 9 locks

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