Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Sojourn at Buxworth (Bugsworth?)

Since the last post, we have remained within the environs of the basin having a bit of respite and R &R.  OK, let's be honest, there was this thing called Wimbledon on and Ali insisted that she was watching the final in peace !

I compromised.  Sunday lunch at the Navigation, then she could watch all the bloody tennis she liked, so good day had by all.  We also had a visit from NB Alton so took the opportunity to fill up the diesel tank.

We have, or rather Ali has, not been entirely idle.  Would you believe that one day it did not actually rain and so out came the paint brushes for a much needed bit of touch up.  Those damned double locks on the L&L certainly can take their toll, especially the ones were the ladder stands proud from the wall, often with the wooden shielding missing.  Anyway, looking good now.

The plan is for a gentle meander down the Macc from here starting today.  IF, it ever stops raining.   I was awoken this morning at 0450 by the rain hammering on the roof and cratch.  Once I am awake, that is it, so up I got and it is truly awful.  If this does not ease I think any plans to travel far will be curtailed.  Even the ducks are looking pissed off now !

On our way we are planning to call in at T.W. Marine.  They are exhaust specialist's.  Ours seems to have got louder and louder over recent months.  As we have a Beta cocooned engine, the bog basic exhaust fitted during the build lets it down.  The system came with a hospital silencer, but this was apparently too big for the available space.  This company apparently supply smaller units.   We will see !

That's if it ever stops's raining!
Refueling Triskaideka

The green boat in the background is NB Wandering Duck this is the Hostel boat that was featured in one of the canal mags recently.  I think this is a great idea for anyone wanting a few days out.

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