Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wigan - Manchester

Tuesday morning saw a little improvement in the weather, it wasn't raining!  We made our way the last mile or so to the top of the Wigan flight, as we past the last few boats, a cheery shout from NB Bumble & Fuzz enquired if we were going down and got us a boat to share with, with a crew of four!

We were not the first boat down so we had to turn all the locks, but we made good progress down the flight with once nearing the bottom a few boats coming up, we were down the 21 locks in about 3 3/4 hours. Once down we continued down the last two locks on the Leigh Branch, we then continued to Plank Lane where we moored for the day.

This morning we had a lazy start and continued our journey down the Leigh Branch, which then becomes the Bridgewater Canal in Leigh, we cruised through Worsley and over the Barton Swing Aqueduct crossing the Manchester Ship Canal, again no sign of any boats along the ship canal.  My treat for the locks yesterday was a stop at the Trafford Centre for some retail therapy.  We then continued to Waters Meet turning towards Manchester, passing Old Trafford and cruising into Castlefields, where we were amazed to find it full, especially as there are very few boats around.  Fortunately NB Bumble & Fuzz are moored right at the end by the winding hole so we have breasted up with them, also agreeing to go up the Rochdale Nine with them in the morning.  We have been for a wander around this afternoon and for a meal in a new pub/restaurant at the entrance to Castlefields called the Waterfront, second day of opening and John nearly had the place on fire as he set his menu on fire with the candle flame!  Well it would have tested their fire procedure but fortunately it didn't come to that!

Wigan flight

 Lots of water in the by washes

Saying good bye to NB Bumble & Fuzz

Flashes along the Leigh Branch

A new seat being installed

This is one of the many cranes along the Bridgewater that are used for manually lifting timbers into the canal to temporary dam it when a section needs repairing

Heron fishing


Barton Swing Aqueduct across the Manchester Ship Canal
This is a steel trough closed by gates at each end that pivots on an island in the
 ship canal to allow tall ships to pass through

Looking down onto the ship canal

A couple of photos for Craig & Graham!!!

Looking onto the ship canal

 & locks down

Some colourful bridges

The view from our moorings this evening and guess what its raining!

Tuesday 7.5 miles 23 locks 1 lift bridge
Wednesday 13.5 miles

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  1. Amazing to see Castlefields so full, although looking at your picture there are boats moored there that were there last year in August! Hope the rain stops soon! Doug and James x


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