Monday, 23 July 2012

Let the Madness commence!

Today saw us waving goodbye to the Shady Oak and the Manley Ferry.  As we left the sun was up ready for yet another glorious day.  We seemed to fly up the locks and soon reached the staircase at Bunbury.  I know not why, but this is one of my favourite canal sections.  There seemed to be a lot of activity at the Anglo-Welsh base there, a sign of things to come?

We watered at the excellent services at Calverley, and emptied the "other", then made our way to Barbridge, mooring just before the junction in order to visit the chandlers.  Oh what sport we saw as boats negotiated the turn from/onto the Middlewich arm.  It was busy!  This is really a first in this years cruising.  Saying that though, there were still free moorings.

It was not our intention to turn onto the Llangollen today.  So we didn't !  We initially moored on one of the Shroppy spots right on the junction, but as the bank was somewhat curved at this location and with the inevitable shelf, passing boats whacked us into the shelf with their wash.  This junction, Hurleston, is mega busy.  Highly entertaining though, with boats meeting at the bridge and attempting the turn. After a chat to our neighbour, we decided to move a hundred yards or so south of the junction were there was a better bank, but less entertainment!

Movement continued through the evening, the last boat passing us at 2130, displaying his nav lights!

We may well pop down to Nantwich in the morning in order to obtain vittles, then turn and ascend Hurleston.  The Llangollen in the height of the season is not every ones cup of tea, but it is rather entertaining.  Bring it on and let the madness commence.

We will see in a week or so if my judgement was sound or not, in navigating what must be one of the busiest canals at seasons height!

The sun is bound to shine from now on as N.B. Chance is back out and about.

NB Caxton aka Manley Ferry

This time I saw the fence so knew they are farmed deer!

There are a couple of these along this stretch, anyone know what they are?

7 miles, 6 locks, one minor grumpy git (If you don't count me!)

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  1. Thank you guys, hope we don't disappoint! Enjoy the Llangollen you mad people!! and the good weather. See you soon. x Doug and James

  2. Mad is right!!! To busy for us, and mooring may be a problem, but good luck anyway and enjoy!!!

  3. Look out fr N/B Iona..Ange and Dave, they are in that direction at the moment!

  4. I believe they were shelters used by the lock keepers and lengthmen, now I think they are used as storage. I might be wrong. Carol Blog Virgin

  5. Thank you for the comments. No internet at Wrenbury on Monday night so the blog a little behind.

  6. Ally, Iona passed us heading for the locks at Grindley when I was not fully awake and having a Vape. Apols to them for not being very responsive!

    Pip. We like busy, it is interesting after the lack of boats on the move this year. Thus far, no problem with mooring at all.

    John xx

  7. Thanks Carol, we wondered if they were.



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