Monday 12 September 2022

Summer trip to Llangollen

 Our FB page is updated with this summers trip to Llangollen with lots more photos

Link to Facebook Page

Saturday 23 October 2021

A short catch up

 We have become a little bit disenchanted with blogging, it takes up too much time, we still have Triskaideka, but our usage has changes somewhat, partly in response to the pandemic, but also because none boaty life gets in the way, and the small problem that Ali is still working full time in the job that she took for 5 months in autumn 2018!  We still go out for a longer trip at least once a year, and bob about when we can, but our days of continually cruising the summer months are on hold at the moment.

We still manage a few long cruises, last year we went up the Caldon Canal, and this year Ali decided that she wanted to do Tardebigge, so we decided to make it as rounded trip as we could and did an anticlockwise route, our original plan was out through Leicester, River Soar, but due to a stoppage in Leicester we had an immediate change of plan and headed up the North Oxford, via Braunston, to the Trent & Mersey, Staffs & Worcester, down the Severn to Worcester, up the Worcester & Birmingham to Kings Norton, GU to Warwick and back to Braunston, then onto our home mooring on the Leicester Line.  It was a lock heavy route and some of the paddles were extremely difficult, but despite the unseasonal weather (very cold for August) we enjoyed the trip, although Ali has now has a go windless!

After bimbling along the Leicester line we decided on a short trip out away from home waters and headed down the South Oxford to Banbury and are now on our way home, cold, windy at times, beautiful blue skies at others, but the storms and rain passed overnight.  We have been lucky with the weather.

We have even had out first dose of the new fuel available at the marina, HVO, the boat systems operated faultlessly on it, engine, heating and reflex stove.

Our trip to the Caldon Canal

Aug 2021 Cruise - the long way around Birmingham

Banbury & return Oct 2021