Monday, 4 May 2015

May the 4th be with you.

Today was the day we severed the umbilical and left the marina for the summer. Forecast good, boat loaded and ready to go and the car stored thanks to Helen and Mark.

We have had a busy few days, or rather Ali has. Finishing work on Thursday, packing,travelling and loading saw us both spent. We decided today would be the day to leave after viewing the forecast. Daytime looked good and thus did it dawn. So after filling and emptying,we said our farewells and exited the marina and turned south.

 Now our intention is to head north, but we have decided to avoid river's early in the year, due to unpredictable levels and stick to the more consistent canal's.

It was good to be back on the tiller, in the sunshine. leaving crick behind us, we were soon entering the portal of it's tunnel. An easy passage made, with ner a boat in sight.

Leaving this we entered some wonderful countryside and saw our first duckling's! Hard to believe we are so close to the M1, but not for long as at the top of the Watford flight of locks, we passed beneath it!

Luckily for us we were almost straight into the flight down, with no wait, something of a first. Ali was soon into the swing and guided us down this very pleasant flight.. The sun shone, but the breeze had a rawness that reminds you it's not summer yet! So no shorts for me..

Just opposite Welton marina, we decided to call it a day, leaving Braunston tunnel and locks until tomorrow.  By early evening the forecast rain had arrived somewhat early, but we are snugg, dry and warm and it can do what it wants overnight.

We are moving to blogging less often, probably weekly, this year, due to Johns fat fingers and the fact that he now has a Hudl2 and Ali's protest of only adding photos, of which he is incapable!

5 miles, Crick tunnel 1528 yards & 7 locks

Monday, 20 April 2015

A little spit and polish!

We ache!

After a day washing, drying off and then polishing, the old girl is looking her very best. I really wish we did! In a keen cold wind, we set about the task at 0900 on Saturday and finished at 1830.

It was a bright, breezy but cold on Saturday when the deed was done. Apart from the hour when we attended the services, filled with diesel and grabbed a bite to eat, we were hard at it all day.

So BSS passed, service done and exterior up to standard. Nearly ready.

Both a little on the , shall we say ,stiff side today.

After a quick shower, we felt we deserved a treat, so walked to the Red Lion for a bite and a very much deserved pint!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Getting Ready ....

The winter silence is over. Ok, not off yet, but getting there!

We have had the small matter of the BSS to pass first. This is the four yearly test boats must pass in order to comply with both the Licence and the insurance. As our boat is now four, it was due, our first!

Being moored at Crick, one fine engineer is available to us, David Hull, of DR Marine.

Last Tuesday was test day and Triskaideka passed with flying colours. Very minor work to bring her up to standard, a credit to her builder's, Ally & Neil from Beacon boats. David was impressed with the build. So once again, thank you.
After the test, service completed and we are nearly there.

She has weathered the winter well. Now de-winterized and systems tested, it is just the cosmetics that are needed before we leave for the summer cruise.

Next job, a thorough wash and polish. Then hopefully, off

The old girl looks good even before the exterior TLC.

Roll on the months end!