Friday, 6 July 2012

Discretion being the better part of valour !

The forecast for today is truly dire. Very heavy rain with potential flooding. We have the Marple flight in prospect....

The last time we did this it was in a thunderstorm and if possible we would rather not repeat the experience again. So, think we will sit tight today. We have a good mooring and even a satellite signal so no hardship to weather the coming storm. Just wish we had a tad more water in the tank but used sparingly we should be ok for a day or two.


  1. Hi Ali & John

    Diane had been reading your blog but couldn't figure out why you had retraced your movements and come back down the Wigan flight; as we are moving that way is there anything that you can advise about may be have to be thought about before we go too far that way

    best regards
    Diane and Ray
    nb Ferndale

  2. Hi Both.

    We got nearly to Leeds when we found that there was a festival on their with possibly no moorings. This was coupled with the Aire and Calder being in flood and the Rochdale being closed. We did not fancy hanging around so turned and retraced to Wigan. Now on he Peak forest, in the rain!

    Ali and John

  3. We did enjoy the L&L, the scenery gets better and better once you get past Blackburn. We did think we would see you on our return. If you want some good mooring recommendations let me know as we have them from some friends who moor near Barnoldswick and they came in handy when planning our journey.

    Enjoy it, I am sure you will, if you can share the Wigan flight though.

    Ali x


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