Friday, 27 January 2012

Few Jobs done

We have been to Northampton for a few days.  John has been to Triskaideka to do a few jobs.  He has put up the barometer that we bought, the apple that I had for my Birthday, added a couple of vents, one under the dinette to give extra ventilation to the freezer, and another in the bed base.  We have also bought some bed slatts from Ikea and John has cut these down and made them into a frame to fit under the bed to replace two of the solid panels. He also put up the map that we have had rolled up in a cupboard all last summer.  John also has tried the dehumidifier out and we think it will be great to air the boat out prior to moving back on.

Everything seemed to be ok, a slight leak from one of the radiators, but nothing to worry about.

Oh and he also put some lift rings in the engine deck boards so we can get them up easily.

On Thursday we went gongoozling at Foxton on our way home, it was very quiet and we were really surprised at the lack of boats on the moorings, there were only two at the top of the locks and one at the bottom and a couple on the Market Harborough arm.  



New bed slatts


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Not quite a 'Chance' Meeting

On Sunday we travelled to Yelvertoft to check on Triskaideka.  She didn't feel as cold as last time, the bedroom feels a little damp, we have 3 moisture traps throughout the boat, all have a bit in them, but nothing significant.  The wood under the base of the mattress has a bit of mould on, so we have brought this home, for two reasons, to dry it out and we have decided that it needs some more ventilation holes in, so as I type John is drilling a few more holes in them in the garage.  We don't have a mushroom vent in the bedroom and we had left the wardrobe doors open to aid ventilation, now only a couple close, we are sure these will go back when we get some heat back in, but the ones we can close we have, all the others throughout the boat seem ok, so we have opened the ports to give more ventilation in the bedroom.   We are going to buy some dry-mesh to put under the mattress to aid ventilation.  The mattress is stood up in the saloon so this is ok.

On Sunday evening we visited Ali's family in Northampton and had a lovely meal and evening and stayed overnight.

On Monday we went to Bugbrooke to meet up with Doug and James on NB Chance as they are having a week out.  They have had some lovely weather, they asked us to cruise with them but as we had fully winterised Triskiadeka we declined, perhaps we should have, as they are having a great week!  We joined them at lunchtime, they moored up and after a coffee we went to the The Wharf for lunch.  Its quite pricey but the food is good, after lunch and a few drinks we returned to Chance, and chattered more, with more wine and food until just after eight we left as we were heading home.  We had a lovely afternoon, it was great to see you both again!

Doug & James approaching Bugbrooke
(look at the shine on that boat!)

Doug, John, James & Ali
(note the coffee mugs! but the red faces on the men tell a tale - guess who was driving)