Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Well that was Crick Show 2014

What can I say.... It was wet yes, but we really enjoyed being on the boat throughout the weekend.  Previously we have visited just for the day and missed the evening entertainment.  Not this time!

Arriving Friday late afternoon, we unpacked, had a meal, then a trip to Northampton to watch the Saints match, Ali dare not risk the pub in case she couldn't see.  A great result, the Saints producing another second half comeback to claim the Amlin Challenge Cup.  To celebrate we returned to Crick and wended our way to the Beer Tent.  Parking was not a great problem then, a little muddy, but not overly so.  Did we enjoy the beer festival and the music that evening?  Well we must have done, because it was 0130 hours when we somewhat unsteadily made our way back to the boat.  I blame Lizzy ( N.B. Panda ) for being a bad influence on us. :)

As a consequence, Saturday morning did not see us up bright and early.  Good job really, as it persisted it down all morning.  So we left having a wander until the afternoon.  As we do not really have an interest in new boats and you now have to book in for a viewing, we wandered around the stalls most of the afternoon, met up with Keith from N.B. Fruits of the Vine, with whom we enjoyed a good chat and a swift pint.  Nice to see you again Keith, then back to the boat for a meal.  Guess were we went in the evening?  Beer Tent.  Had to try a few more samples, pity they only seem to come in pint pot's.  Met up with Paul and Jane and Ken and Lynda ( The Smiffs!) and attempted to dent the contents of quite a few barrels.  Good night was had......  Must add, the music was really good, even Toyah! (Ali - the band after were better Muphey's Marbles with Sean Cannon from the Dubliners) 

Sunday dawned warm and bright.  Still did not tempt us out early thought.  I wonder why?  Had another wander, as Ken and Lynda are looking for a builder after the sad closure of Beacon, we met with them on a few occasions over the weekend and had the odd coffee together,  but in all honesty, more frequently the odd alcoholic beverage.  After perusing the stalls and NOT being tempted by the overpriced fare on offer on site, together with Jane and Paul we walked the short distance to The Moorings for a late afternoon Sunday lunch.  The food was good, but could have done with being a little hotter in all honesty.  Guess were we ended up for the evening?  Another good night.

Monday, was wet, wet, wet.  But we had a wander, met up with Ken and Lynda and even had a look around a few boats.  By this time, we were flagging and so after saying our goodbyes, we retired to the boat and chilled out.

A really good weekend.  A well organised show, pity the sun was not in its favour more often, but that's Crick!  Now home and recovering.  Work for Ali in the morning and guess what, she has a cold! 

President and Kildare leaving Crick Marina this morning

Duck & her ducklings have a drink in one of the many puddles

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

John and "Brian's" Great Adventure.

  After buying a 2cv in November and poodling about in it locally, the time has come for giving "Brian" (Click link)  a decent run! A few job's required on the boat and a bit of "stuff" needs taking down, so killing two birds really.

Now I know he is an old boy, and I know he is a rebuild of which aficionado's of the marque have a certain disdain, but we are going for it!  I love him.  He even has a radio!  OK, not really audible over 30 mph, but so what!

See this to understand the appeal 2CV

So tomorrow, we set off for the trip from Caistor to Crick.  He is already loaded.  Oil and tyres checked.  I cannot wait!  Not quite as good as being out on the boat, but nearly!  And I am contributing to getting the boat ready for the off.

This will be a test, of me and him.. The new knee is getting there and Pete from 2cv's 4ever has given him a good going over.  The weather is looking good and by making the trip, I can take a load of bulky, if not heavy items to the boat.

Ali is working, so it will be a quick trip as a test of Brian and me!

I cannot wait! ( Said twice coz it be true! )

So, if you see a blue 2cv on the A46 southbound in the morning, then on to the M1, give me a wave.

P.S. Who the hell supplies 97-99 octane nowadays?

:) John

I think what John is saying is - If you get stuck in a massive traffic jm on the A46/M1 tomorrow, it isn't an accident, its him tootling along, so he is really apologising of holding you up!  :-) Ali 

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Canal Magazines (free to a good home) & an unexpected visitor

A little delayed but some photos of when we cleaned Triskaideka a couple of weeks ago, whilst she still looked shiny!

We have numerous Waterways World and Canal Boat magazines from about 2008 - 2010, if anyone would like them let us know, we could take them to Crick for collection at the Boat show.  We found them really useful when we were planning Triskaideka. We will be on the boat for the duration of the show which should be good fun and for a change we will be able to enjoy the evening entertainment over the weekend.  

We have numerous bird feeders around our garden, but Ali moved one right infront of the lounge window when John was immobile, we have often seen the Greater Spotted Woodpecker around but have been amazed the last few days that it has decided that our feeding station right by the window is a good source of easy food. The picture quality isn't great as they are taken through the window.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

One step forward, another one back!

And no, this is not in reference to my new knee.  This progresses well, but is still a tad painful.

We used the bank holiday weekend to go to the boat in order to give it a little TLC,  If I am honest, Ali did most of the work, as usual!  She did give me an allowance due to my still limited mobility, but I did feel guilty.

So the cratch and pram hood has been cleaned inside and out and the whole boat washed from the accumulated winter grime.  The old girl has done well. The polish we gave her in the autumn paid dividends and combined with the mild winter meant that the shine was soon restored.

Whilst Ali laboured, I put up the alarms kindly supplied by the fire brigade.  Then I set too trying to sort out the radio!  We have a car style radio,  with reception gradually deteriorating over the last few years.  We suspected the aerial, so sourced a new one.  Routing the new lead was a bar steward!  But we did it....   Plugged it all in, switched on, it activated, then died! Changed the fuse, nowt.

I know not if the radio itself is u/s, or if I have damaged the supply cable when pulling through the new aerial lead.  Somewhat flummoxed at the moment.. All things electrical being a mystery to me.

I will have another go on our next visit. So as per usual, a simple job turns into a marathon!  The joy of owning a money pit, I mean boat!

There again, my Citroen 2cv has also contributed to the diminution of our funds due to the MOT.

Deep joy.....