Saturday, 7 July 2012

What a differance a day makes (24 little hours !)

Well after the weather onslaught of yesterday, we awoke to semi blue sky's.  Knowing this was a precarious state, we started early for us and were on the move by 0800 hrs.  As we had some three miles before reaching the locks, a steady chug saw us at the bottom of the Marple flight just after 0900 hrs.

Now the last time we did this, it poured down. Thunder and lightning, torrential rain (2009).  So it was pleasant to start in sunshine.  Ascended the first lock, no problem. the second pound was really low!  How does this happen after the rainfall of this summer? (summer?) Ali yet again worked her socks off, levelling the pounds to enable us to progress up the flight. Think she deserves a title as honourary lock warden. Where have all the staff gone C.A.R.T. ? After the recent precipitation, just how are pounds so low ?

We trod a really careful path up the flight, negotiating some really low pounds, but did not ground Trisky.  The flight took us some three hours and must admit that the scenery was beautiful.  Yet again, we saw few boats moving, just two descending. The sun was out throughout.

At the top of the lock's we were in need of both water, and an elsan point.  Knowing that this was just down the Macc, we decided to reverse. Must admit, well impressed myself with the manoeuvre, and did not touch the sides once!  O.K., we have a bow thruster, so that's cheating, but it makes life Oh so easy!

We then continued towards Bugsworth.  It has taken some time to acclimatise to the narrow canals having spent so much time in the big un's. Bridges and tunnels seem so narrow! But hey, we survived.

Arriving at Bugsworth Basin, we were "directed " towards bridge 61. This is to the right as you enter. The chap directing seemed to be averse to anyone mooring in the premier spot, the finger directly beyond the services.  Know not why, but we and a boat in front slavishly followed the direction, only to find wall to wall boats and poor moorings. We tied up, but could not get a satellite signal! Now this is Wimbledon finals weekend, and Ali was having none of this, so we moved to the premium moorings were there was ample space and a brill signal. We will possibly be in for a good telling off on the morrow, but hey, come this way but once...

Another bit of reversing brilliance! ( thank you bow thruster and George for fixing it) saw us moored up to Ali's satisfaction. Looking good for the final tomorrow. ( Must be a good war film on though!)

After a "Hollywood" shower, we decamped to the pub. Good show says I. Nice meal, nothing fancy but eminently edible and a good pint of Landlords. Who could ask for more!

Think that we will tarry a while. (unless the mooring fuhrer kicks us off !)

Our moorings tonight

10 miles 16 locks 2 swing bridges & 2 lift bridges

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