Thursday, 26 May 2011


Ali and Neil sourced all the lighting on the boat from
These are superb LED products, but not cheap!

When we chose the wall mounted spots, they came with halogen bulbs. So, contacted the above and sourced their MR11 led replacements. They are fab. I had obtained a couple of led bulbs from a source that advertises in the canal boat press, and by comparison, they are crude. Seems you pays your money....

Well worth the extra cost IMO.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Nearly there!

Another visit to Beacon Boats today.  Sheila had sketched out the design for the sign writing and wanted us to have a look prior to her starting to paint.  The design is great and by the time we left we were amazed how much Sheila had done!  Ali & Neil have been really busy putting the finishing touches to lots of things, and they make such a difference, the seating for the dinette has arrived which looks great as have the port hole bungs.  The front door ports have come back from Bonnie, they are really good, the pictures don't do them justice as you need the light behind them to see the colours,  The mattress arrived whilst we were there, and the cratch and pram cover should be delivered tomorrow.  We are off to Crick at the weekend, but this time we are not looking for design ideas but for bits and bobs for Triskaideka and our summer/autumn cruising.

Latest pictures
Tiller pin on rear door

Dinette seating
lovely oak table (picture doesn't do this justice)

Sign writing

Front door port glass

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lots going on!

We visited Beacon Boats yesterday, the boat is looking so different, the cabinet in the bathroom is finished and it looks fabulous, the trims are on, the portholes are in, as are the houdinis and complete with the trim look great, everywhere we looked something else had been finished.  The painting is nearly finished, and Mark has done a great job.  The signwriting starts next week.  

Side door


Lamps up


Bathroom cabinet (all that storage with the drawers!)



Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A short sad message.

Whilst we have been to visit the boat today, all is overshadowed by really sad news.

Today, our beloved dog, Ben, passed away. A bloody mad Welsh Springer.

Whilst he was only 10 years, his life had been not without health problems. He had a stroke at four, battled through and was then diagnosed with a thyroid condition.

Ben continued to love life, and gave all to Ali and I. He became ill over the weekend and it would appear that the love he gave was bigger than his heart, which was failing and causing him distress.

Ali and I were with him at the end.

Miss you Ben. Lot's and lot's and lot's.

John & Ali

What puddle dad?

I'll put the photos of the boat which looks brilliant on tomorrow