Saturday, 25 February 2012

A little more secure (hopefully)

We have had a few days in Northampton and whilst there have been to Yelvertoft to check everything is ok and do a few more jobs ready for our cruising.  John has fitted some additional bolts as we have always been aware that our security wasn't that good.  We chose ports for better security over windows but then never really thought about the actual locks and bolts during the fit out, so we now have replacements and additional ones.  We also now have a new towel rack and have resealed the shower and around the sink in the bathroom.  Everything seems to be ok, we have put the weights on board that we have bought which should give us a bit more stability and sort out our tilt to one side problem, although its impossible to sort out at the moment as there is hardly anything on Triskaideka.

The sun came out as we were leaving this afternoon and we felt like we were going in the wrong direction, we should have been going to the marina not leaving, oh well not long now until we will be out on the cut, only saw one boat out cruising up the Leciester Line whilst we were there.  The water levels look a bit better, not back to normal but the level has risen since our last visit.

Towel Rail

John took these photos of James & Doug on Chance when we met up with them in January so I thought I would share them