Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fame at last! (and a short catch up)

Well sort of!  In this months (Novembers) Waterways World, we are mentioned twice. The first article refers to the mysterious "postbox" sighted affixed to Sonning bridge. We had blogged about this and a photograph we took has been used and accredited to us. Well chuffed.

Then in the same edition, there is a feature on the Beacon Boat gathering, again mentioning us. A good month for Beacon Boats, as Canal Boat has a positive review of Willow Too, another splendid boat by Neil and Ally.

So it's back home for us and back to work for Ali!  It seems rather strange to be off the boat, the house seems too big. We will be popping down to check all is well with Trisky and looking forward to the spring, Where we will head is under discussion, so watch this space!

I think that I should take this opportunity to thank Shoreline ( ). In May we attended Crick show and Ali spoke with staff on their stand about the poor performance of our freezer.  So poor we had stopped using it after the first season. We left with a promise that upon our return to a marina, they would exchange the faulty freezer for a new one. I must admit to being a tad doubtful that this would ever transpire, but it did! We have fitted the new freezer and it works, so we can have ice in a G&T next summer. A big thank you to Shoreline for restoring our faith.

Now Ali is tackling Thetford......