Thursday, 26 July 2012

Not dissapointed by the madness!

Grumpy Git.
Sorry to be so abrupt. But those who know me can verify just what a tolerant and level headed chap I am (not!).

A beautiful dawn, well dawned!  This was assisted by the thoughtful chap who passed at 0625 bashing us against the “shroppie shelf”.  No matter, I was sort of awake anyway.  Sort of!

I opened the side hatch and the low elevated light flooded in revealing a perfect morning.  I then heard a distinct plop as something dropped into the water.  Now this section has concrete banks, although a stunted Hawthorn wept branches into the water.  The lower limbs collecting vegetative debris forming a mat.  As my weary eyes scanned the scene, I saw a small furry animal swimming in the cut, which then climbed said mat, pausing momentarily to preen itself.  Joy of joy’s, twas a water vole.  This is becoming a rare beast and was a joy to see. 

I was therefore at days dawn, full of good cheer.

As we are in no rush, we let the initial charge commence the start of the Llangollen.  After a while we reversed back, and duly took our place in the queue to ascend the Hurleston flight.  We were fourth, no worries.  We became aware of a small Anglo Welsh boat which seemed to be missing out on its turn.  Turns out they were first time hirers approaching their first lock and were somewhat flummoxed as to the procedure!  A nice chap who was single handed in a Braidbar boat and was behind them, began to instruct and assist them and Ali then went to help further.  The couple on the hire boat were so enthusiastic and happy, it was hard not to be infected with their joy .  All was going swimmingly.
Then Grumpy git appeared...

He came through the bridge at the bottom of the flight, turning before he realised there was a queue.  His first utterance was “bugger” as he proceeded to turn into the mouth of the first lock as a boat was exiting.  I politely pointed out that boats were waiting to ascend, to be met  with  an antagonistic bombastic response.  Mr know it all let us say , waited his turn!

From Hurleston through to Wrenbury, we followed the single handed Braidbar boat, who himself followed the joyous novice hirers.  In no small part to Ali’s endeavours, we all ascended the locks .  Ali was I would think working  twice the locks she needed to in order to help both before us.
So when we got to Wrenbury, I just had to take her out for a well deserved meal at the Dusty Miller.

Now as we sat in there, overlooking the lift bridge and several hours since we had moored up, we saw a hire boat negotiating the lift bridge.  We became aware of someone bellowing “ hold the button down” even though the boaters seemed to be coping fine.
Arsehole from the morning had caught us up and was once again attempting to bully Hirers.  A sad sad man.....

6 Miles.  9 Locks.  One MEGA Grumpy git!

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