Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Wet wet wet....

Well, it is welcome, but never convenient !

The boat was lifted on Monday, pressure washed then the first coat applied. Then we returned home.  I have returned today and prior to the weather onslaught, Gail has managed to apply the second coat.  Triskaideka looks good. Still suspended well above the water, but a good chance to have a really good inspection of the hull.

The rudder has now been tweaked and hopefully now should be more logically responsive! The leading edge is now aligned and we hope that this will reduce "rudder judder".

Sometimes think that the name invited a propensity to problems. ?

On the whole though, well pleased with the boat. The shell is sound and the fit out brill. You will always think of things that you missed or wish to alter, but for us these are minimal. Still think she is both stylish and practical although adding a second chair has somewhat altered the internal symmetry ! This was needed though as the dinette is not comfortable to sit on for an extended period.(OK for me though on the chair!!)

The problems we met last autumn are now hopefully behind us. The boat is all we wanted and more. Just wish I was not sat below a crane in wet weather!  Drips from this seem to be right above the bedroom so a relaxed night is probably not on the cards.  Plus.....I cannot get radio 4 !!!   God knows what is happening in Ambridge!

Moody blues fest then!



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