Friday, 20 April 2012

On the move

We awoke to sunshine this morning.  After filling up with water we set off up the Coventry Canal.  The trees are really starting to green up now.  We have seen a number of swan nests today, one on a sunken boat by Charity Dock, another in a mouth of a water run off, lets hope the water doesn't start flowing down it.  We also saw our first ducklings sat on a lawn as we passed through Nuneaton.

There were a few boats on the move but not many and most going in our direction.  We have moored at Springwood Haven marina for a few days on the hope that John can shake his cold off as the cough has got worse.  Its a small marina with the Excellence Afloat Hire base, the boats look very nice and if they are as clean on the inside as the outside they will be sparkling as they were cleaning as we moored up.  

The showers started again just after lunch, but between showers we had a walk up Windmill Hill to Hartshill.      Stone and manganese were quarried in this area since Roman times.  These quarries and spoil heaps are now nature reserves, the largest spoil heap is known as Mount Judd or locally as 'Jees'.  From the top of the hill we had open views across the Anker valley.

Hawkesbury Junction 

Around in one

The Pump House

The Coventry Canal

7 Miles 1 stop lock

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