Friday, 13 April 2012

Going solo through the tunnel

This morning it was lovely and sunny but had been cold during the night, the satellite dish had ice on it when we took it off the roof.  We were preparing to leave when the fog came down and the visibility was poor.  We set off heading for Braunston and the tunnel, turning onto the Grand Union main line in thick fog was interesting, it is not a good junction at the best of times so we just listened for another engine, fortunately there was nothing, we cruised to the tunnel with the tunnel light on so other boats might see the light in the fog.  At one bridge both John and I were convinced we saw a boat approaching or moored up but there was nothing.

Ali & Angie walked over the tunnel, so John took Triskiadeka through on his own, his fist single handed tunnel on Triskaideka.  The boats got through quicker than Ali & Angie walked and they were waiting at the top of the locks, for the locking crew.  There was one boat in front of us and one came through the tunnel behind so we let them go in front so they could double up and we could go down together.  There were boats coming up as well so it made for a good system, the gates are heavy on some of the locks but it is so much easier when you are sharing the locks. 

Once at the bottom we used the services and then have moored up by the Boathouse.  John hasn’t felt well all day, he got up with a sore throat that has got worse throughout the day.  Ali walked into Braunston village with Dave and Angie to the shops and John is trying to sleep the ‘man flu’ off.  We will probably stay here tomorrow and Dave & Angie will continue their journey back to their marina.  We have really enjoyed cruising and spending time with Dave & Angie the last week and will look forward to cruising with them again in the future and I have time now to put in to practice what Angie has taught me with the crochet (Don’t expect great things!)

We had a good evening, although I think we may have been a little loud, the picture is a bit fuzzy for which I apologise, however we are all on it some guy took it for me, 
left to right Dave, John, Ali, Angie, Al & Del

 Ready for the off this morning (clear ish)

getting a bit foggy (about 2 mins later)

5 mins later thick fog

there is a bridge 

Exiting the tunnel

Angie after our walk over the tunnel

  on the locks

NB Triskaideka & Lady Esther

Who is nattering today?

4.5 miles, 6 locks, Braunston Tunnel 2042 yards

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