Saturday, 7 April 2012

Moored for the weekend at our second home.

We have made the short hop from Debdale to the bottom of Foxton locks, where we will remain for the bank holiday.

Managed to make the move in semi sunshine and upon mooring up washed some of the grime accumulated at Debdale ! Not sure if this was from the pressure washing of the hull, or the temporary mooring under the trees. The boat was covered in a thin green slime. Now what you had to put up with at your mooring there Pip and Rog.

Anyway, nearly all gone now, before the heavens opened . It is that fine mizzy stuff that creeps up on you, and soaks.

Ali has now started a bake fest. Good job we have a spare gas bottle as the first gave up the ghost this morning. Cannot complain though, they do seem to last ages.

Seems to be chilling down now so may get the fire going soon. This is a lockgate Refleks oil burner. Gives out wads of heat even on its lowest setting and uses none of that electricity stuff that is so precious to boaters.

Toodle pip.


  1. Green slime! And you were only there a few days!xxx

  2. I think it is because the temporary moorings are so near to the area where they pressure wash the hulls after liftout. Boats moored nearby get "blow back" and hence slime covered ! And that was after a few days ! xx


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