Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Top of the world (feels like it ! )

After a few days visiting family and yesterday weathering the storm, we awoke this morning to blue sky's, but a strong wind.  Barometer still showing "stormy" so not out of the woods yet.

We had decided today to ascend the Foxton flight.  Ali moved the car to the top car park for the last time before we wave it goodbye for the summer and walking back, booked in with the locky.  We were number four.  We began moving at about 1015 and it took us 1 1/4 hours to reach the top.  Quite uneventful but the sun has certainly caused an outbreak of species gongoozler!

We are now moored just beyond the lock flight deciding to sit tight today and hoping that the high winds may abate somewhat by the morning.  Ali has taken the car to her nieces and will get a lift back, combining a shopping trip with this, as the females of the species do....

We are now moored next but one to N.B. Lady Esther. Angie and Dave saw us up the flight and I do believe Ali is hoping for a course of instruction in croqueting from Angie later today.

Done a few little jobs whilst Ali is out, putting some rubber seals on the plank and pole holders in the hope that this will annul the rattling of same in high winds. ( as last night ).

Sitting on the top here there are brilliant views of some lovely countryside. Love Foxton.

John & Dave nearly at the top of the flight
 (you might notice that there is no work at that end when working up the flight! 
Ali & Angie out of shot!)

10 locks

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