Sunday, 22 April 2012

Sussex & Warwickshire Canoe Races

Today we watched some of the Anker Valley Canoe Club Marathon Race as thety came past the marina, there were lots of people competing, apparently there is more than one race and they are of various distances, the longest being 12 miles.  There was confusion at times as there were narrow boats coming through the bridge along with the canoes going in both directions.  The weather was awful at times for them, hence the comaprision, Doug from NB Chance was also out in canoe today, he and a friend took part in the 'Bullion Run' from Chichester Harbour to the canal basin in the city centre, the weather for them was so much better, I am sure Doug won't mind me pinching his pictures to show the difference!

A break in the rain around lunchtime saw us heading off on foot up the towpath to the  Anchor Pub we visited this pub last year and enjoyed the meal, we had to shelter from the rain and hail under two bridges on the way and the towpath was awful, really muddy and puddles that were from canal to hedge in places.  We did think we might miss the Sunday lunch as it was about 2pm when we arrived, so were pleased when to see the sign outside said Carvery 12 until 5pm.  It was really nice and very reasonably priced at £6.95 for one course and £9.95 for two courses.  We walked back along the road rather than the towpath, past one of the disused quarries, the water looks really deep and is fenced off all the way around, we managed to get back to Triskaideka before the heavens opened again.

The Warwickshire  Canoe Race

The Sussex Canoe Event

The Quarry

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