Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Those fair weather boaters !

Since arriving at the junction, it has been wet! Not all the time, but when it pours down, it is wet.

So, we have decided to sojourn here for a few days and weather out the weather so to speak, doing a bit of shopping and sightseeing along the way. We know, not proper boaters, but semi dry ones!

Today we have travelled by bus into Coventry. This was an experiance in itself, with the eastern european driver hell bent on making this a most speedy and uncomfortable journey. We arrived however, suprisingly in one piece! And then visited the shops on offer. Ali was not impressed with the IKEA lunch. Hot dog and chips. But times are hard and needs must. (I rather like them!)

We had a good wander and Ali managed to get the correct needles, as advised by Angie, from a stall on the market, for her crocheting endeavours. I like Coventry. all the world can be seen here, a very cosmopolitan city. And the best place for a semi bald middle aged greying chap to have a hair cut by far. I need my hair ultra short as this disguises the gaps between the islands of hair that remain. There is a traditional barbers about 500 m into town from the basin that does my hair type par excellance. Think it is called Jacksons. So now brilliantly shorn, head gleaming in the sun (?) Beard well trimmed too. Think I look more like a coconut every day!

Tonight we have been to the Greyhound and had an excellant meal, then retired to the boat. We have arranged a car hire tomorrow in order to get a bit more mobile for a day, then Thursday, well who knows. We may even move on. Weather permitting of course.

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