Monday, 16 April 2012

On to Hawkesbury Junction

We left Braunston yesterday morning, it was sunny but the wind was very cold.  There were quite a lot of boats on the move in both directions.  Barby marina didn’t look much more open than when we passed last October, it looks like there is about 5 pontoons but nothing else, there are still lots of boats with no pontoons tied together.  We were undecided whether to stop at Hillmorton, there were three boats waiting for the locks in front of us but plenty coming up so we decided to go down.  There were no moorings at the bottom so we continued to the golf course and moored up there.
This morning the golf course and the fields looked lovely covered in frost, we even had frost on the port holes, it was sunny again not quite as windy as yesterday.  We have had a lovely cruise to Hawkesbury Junction.  We have seen a moorhen nests today and our first moorhen chick which we think is very early.  We have also see our first house martins, skimming the water as we approached Hawkesbury Junction.

  We have moored just before the stop lock, on a bit of a bend but we haven’t moved as boats have gone past so we are ok.  We think we may stay here for a few days due to the weather forecast as we can get the bus into Coventry from just up the road, so can go and have a look around the Motor Museum and do a bit of shopping.  I have relented and decided we need a mop!

Leaving Braunston

Barby Marina

A frosty morning

Approaching Newbold Tunnel

for Doug & James!

The rape seed fields are nearly out

The black ball in front of the moorhen is the chick, I had to dash for the camera

22.75 miles 3 locks


  1. Thanks for the picture! and the message on our blog, hope to catch up with you at some point, if you don't travel too fast!! x


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