Monday, 23 April 2012

Final day of respite.

Today has been our last at Springwood haven. Hopefully, the cold I seem to have acquired has abated somewhat. Feeling a little better, time to get a few small job's done.

The drawers in the bathroom never seem to have recovered from the damp of winter and had swelled to a point were they were impossible to close fully. This was also true of a lower drawer in the bedroom. Surprisingly, it is the Oak fronts that appear to be the worst affected. Since de-winterising we have heated and dehumidified to no avail in an effort to resolve this. Time to get out the trusty sander whilst we still have shore power. Ali obviously decided she was going to make herself scarce whilst I sanded and decided to walk into Nuneaton to do a little food shopping. She knows how messy I am and this gave me the chance to complete the work and tidy up before she returned. Job done, all now fit like a glove.

This marina is really pleasant. Small, with few residents. Very friendly and helpful staff and an immaculate fleet of hire boats. Ali commented on just how comprehensive the handover was. We would have no hesitation in popping in again should the need arise.

It is our intention to leave tomorrow and continue north. How far we will get before the weather deteriorates is uncertain. We do not travel if it is hammering it down as we see little pleasure in this. Looking at the forecast, we may not be putting many miles under the boat in the coming week!

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