Monday, 2 April 2012

Blacking underway

This morning  after a bit of boat shuffling, we were lifted out again.  Once out, the cleaning off began with a high pressure wash.  The winter has been kind but the blacking was showing signs of flaking and rust was visible.  Once pressure washed it looked even worse.

I went off shopping, dropping John off at Foxton to walk back to Debdale as it was a nice morning, cold but sunny.  As John walked down the locks he saw Pip and Roger (NB Windsong) who had nearly reached the top of the locks so they had made good progress.

When John returned to Debdale, Triskaideka had been lifted higher to allow the base plate to be pressure washed.  Its weird being able to walk under your boat.  The base plate is in good order, but John noticed that the leading edge of the rudder was out of true.  John mentioned it to the yard staff and it was decided to angle grind the weld out and reposition the leading edge and re-weld it.  We had noticed whilst cruising that the rudder had never seemed to be true, we hope that this modification will resolve this.  

As we left one side had had its first coat of blacking and the second side was almost complete, we can only hope that the rain we encountered on the way home missed Debdale and so will the snow forecast for tomorrow.  John will return tomorrow to see the progress.  

Up, up and out


First coat going on

One side first coat done 

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