Monday, 30 April 2012

Fradley to Wolseley Bridge

After using the services and sweeping all the willow debris from the roof, we left the Coventry canal and turned onto the Trent & Mersey in sunshine this morning and straight into a queue for the locks,  it seemed everyone had decided to move on today.  There were three boats in front of us and no one coming down until the last lock when suddenly there was a parade of boats heading towards us, we soon discovered why, there had been a tree down above Wood End lock so everyone had been delayed.

We had a pleasant cruise, the wind was gusty at times but it was good to be on the move and especially with the sun shining.   We expected more branches in the canal due to the high winds yesterday but it wasn't too bad.  We passed through Handsacre and Armitage (passed the loo factory), I got off and walked through the Armitage tunnel to make sure it was clear as it is only wide enough for one boat, there was a boat exiting with 2 men chatting away on the back, they obviously had not sent anyone through to see if it was clear and had just taken a chance, we then passed through Rugeley.  As the canal turns away from Rugeley it crosses over the River Trent on Brindley Bank Aqueduct, the river was flowing really fast and although not in flood not far off and much more water flowing than when we passed over last year.  We continued to Wolseley Bridge where we have moored for the day.  We have been for a walk around the Wolseley Nature Centre this evening and we were very impressed, it would be great for children but we really enjoyed it as well.  It is the former landscape gardens of the Wolseley family home now managed with wildlife in mind.
Fradley Locks

Ravenshaw Wood

The obligatory photo - Armitage Loos 

Armitage Tunnel

Hawkesyard Priory

The River Trent 

The view from our window tonight

Taken at the Wolesley Nature Centre
Canada Geese Goslings (the first we have seen)

 Our Moorings

10 miles 3 locks


  1. Hawkesyard Priori is beautiful! I wonder if you were able to walk its grounds. That would have been a lovely walk! I love your third picture too. Just beautiful!

  2. Thank you, we didn't walk around but will next time.


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