Sunday, 29 April 2012

Fradley Junction

As planned we have stayed at Fradley Junction over the weekend.

On Friday, we caught up with the washing, cleaning etc and did some jobs on Triskaideka as the weather wasn't too good, the Swan Pub has a couple of washing machines and dryers (although one is out of order at the moment), we didn't use the washer but made use of the dryer and thought it was good value at £1 for 20 mins which dried nearly a full load in the 20 minutes.

On Saturday I set off for Birmingham to have a 'girlie' shopping day with my sister, best laid plans and all that, I got to Lichfield train station to find all the trains had been cancelled due to a signalling fault.  They had no idea how long it would be before they started again so I headed for the bus station across the road.  Now anyone who knows me, knows I suffer quiet badly from travel sickness, so over an hour on a very hot, full bus is my worst nightmare but I survived just!  I met Jane about an hour later than planned, but we had a lovely day, didn't buy much, a couple of birthday presents for my great-nephews, which Jane very kindly took back with her.  This is about the third time we have been shopping to Birmingham and we still don't seem to have found our way around, think we will just have to keep going to try and suss it out.

John decided to make the most of the better day whilst I was off shopping and walked to the National Memorial Arboretum. It was a fair walk from Fradley, but worth it. The walk there was made a little longer as when he reached Alrewas, he asked a local the best way. Said local must have thought he was driving as sent him down the A38 ! The walk back was a little shorter...

The Arboretum is a moving place. Some of the architecture is stunning. The trees need to mature a little to enhance the ambiance.

Today the weather has been as forecast, blowing a gale, according to XC Weather gusts up to 45mph around lunch time, and I wouldn't of been surprised as it has been really windy and heavy rain most of the day.  The wind has abated a little although we are still having heavy showers.  We are moored by a willow tree and have bits of it all of the roof, it sounds like a branch landing on the roof and when you look its a twig, the ladder has been rattling in the wind as well.  We have had a chill out day, reading, listening to the radio etc.  I cooked us dinner, we might have ventured out for a Sunday Roast but after a poor meal last night at the Swan we preferred to stay on Triskaideka.

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