Friday, 8 June 2012

Onto the summit

This morning it was still raining but thankfully the wind had dropped a bit, we left our moorings unfortunately still not able to see the fabulous view that we knew was behind those clouds.  We headed for Hapton and Burnley.  This is an industrial section of canal with mills and chimneys and loading bays along the canal.  Burnley Wharf still has the toll house and just after the canal opens onto the Burnley Embankment, its 3/4 of a mile long and you look down on the town.  The canal twists and turns through open countryside and towns with views of Pendle Hill, well half of it the top was covered in thick cloud!

We reached Barrowford Locks in the pouring rain, at the third lock one of the boats descending was a horse drawn.  The Horseboating Society are hoping to make the journey from Leeds to Liverpool.

We had a drained pound at lock 5 due to the boat infront not closing a paddle and the boats coming down not noticing until the pound was really low.  We did manage to pass without incident and fortunately a BW chap pulled up a few minutes later so we told him and he went to the top lock and let some water down.  The locks took us up the last 70 feet to the six mile summit pound, we are now four hundred and eighty seven feet above sea level, the next locks will see us descending towards Leeds.

At the top lock we said our goodbyes to Chris & Wendy, we have travelled with them from Wigan sharing all the locks which has made life so much easier, they were pushing on as they have to get back for work next week (arhhh....).  We are sure we will meet up again.  Since mooring up the rain has continued, hopefully..... it will be better tomorrow!

Toll House

Burnley Enbankment

Looking across the rooftops

Barrowford Reservoir

Barrowford Locks

12 miles, 7 locks, Gannow Tunnel 559 yards


  1. hi there, i'm from Nelson, the saying in east lancs goes if you can't see pendle its raining, if you can its going to rain! the wet stuff is the reason for all the cotton mills of the past needed to run the steam engines and also cotton weaving prefers a high level of humidity.
    enjoy your journey, i''l enjoy it vicariously through your blog x

  2. Thanks. Its a good job we have seen it previously! We have been able to see the tops today though. Probably rain tomorrow!


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