Thursday, 21 June 2012


We had a leisurely start yesterday, after using the service block we descended the first lock.  Again the scenery is really good, we were joined after the second lock by another narrow boat who were heading for Skipton so we shared the last lock and shared the opening of the swing bridges with them.  A lovely sunny day we really enjoyed the cruise into Skipton.  We have moored in Skipton as we knew the weather forecast for the next few days is really bad so we thought we would be able to enjoy Skipton between the downpours.

Unfortunately the forecast was correct, we awoke to the sound of the rain and it has rained on and off all day.  We have managed to go for a walk around Skipton between the showers and have found the famous Pork Pie shop, we just happened to purchase one and have had it with salad for tea, very good it was too.  The rain was so heavy earlier that we lost the satellite signal, it has stopped now, but as the tops of the hills have disappeared again, I don't think it will be long before its raining again.

The only good thing about the rain, is the pollen count has dropped so my hay fever has abated a bit, yesterday it was the worst it had been for years, even John has been suffering.

We can think of much worse places to sit out the rain.

Think these were cooling down

and these.........

Skipton Church

5.5 miles 3 locks 5 swing bridges

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