Thursday, 7 June 2012

Wet, wet, wet!

We had an early start this morning, as we had to vacate our  mooring so that a wide beam could be launched, the boat had come direct from the Crick boat show, it was built by Pendle Builders.  We were off by 7:30, by which time the boat and crane had arrived.  We headed for Blackburn, the scenery is starting to change with glimpses of the hills as well as old mills, some derelict, some still being used and some converted.  Blackburn wasn't quiet as bad as we thought, although there were the usual shopping trolleys etc in the canal.

 On the last lock as we opened the lock a canada gosling tried to get in the lock, we shooed it out and let the boats in but then realised that Mum & Dad & brothers and sisters were on the top of the lock, it had obviously had a trip down in a lock.  Wendy decided to try and rescue it and managed to catch it in her cap, she then had to catch up with Mum & Dad, who had obviously decided that gosling had not survived and had decided to head off up the canal with their remaining goslings, when Wendy caught them up the geese were spitting at her, a great way to thank her for rescuing their baby!

We did a quick trip to Asda, whilst John & Chris stayed with the boats, we then set off again in driving rain, which gradually got worse and worse, I am sure once out of Blackburn there were some lovely views but all we could see was low cloud.  Where we have moored we keep seeing new hills as the cloud moves around, hopefully we may catch a glimpse of the view before leaving in the morning, although looking at the weather forecast I doubt it.

Since mooring up, we have booked into a mooring for a week whilst I go home and I have sorted out my journey back, via Northampton.

Boat launch - a reminder of our own which was a year yesterday!

Changing scenery

Rescued gosling 

There are hills there somewhere

This chimney isn't straight

15 miles 6 locks 3 swing bridges

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