Sunday, 10 June 2012

Two short hops

Yesterday morning we had a bit of a lie in, I then went for a walk around Barrowford before we set off for Foulridge Tunnel.  The tunnel is traffic light controlled and its on the half hour coming from Barrowford.  Bang on half past the lights turned green and off we went.  Its not a long tunnel but it is the longest on the Leeds Liverpool Canal at 1640 yards.  As we exited we planned to use the services, but there were hire boats moored up (2 a breast) being got ready for new hirers, there was no way we could moor up as there is a sunken boat on the other side and we had a wide beam following us through the tunnel so not enough room.  We did stop further down and walked back with the loo but no water, John did question why they were moored on the water point but apparently they have an agreement to do so.  That is two water points in the last few days we haven't been able to get to, the one at the top of the Wigan Flight has moored boats on.

We had a slow cruise to Salterforth and moored outside the Anchor Inn.  I went for a wander into Barnoldswick (Barlick) its a lovely Market Town, lots of different shops and not loads of charity shops and closed shops, however, Saturday afternoon and 95% were closed!  Later we went to see George & Kath on NB Syrus who are moored at Salterforth, it was really good to see them as its about a year since we last saw George in Chester and Kath was away at the time.  The view from their moorings is stunning, I can see why they love it up here.

Today we moved about 3/4 mile from the Anchor to Lower Park Marina, where we will be staying for the next week.  John has a lovely view to cope with whilst I am away.

Towards the end of Foulridge Tunnel

Lovely views

Bit late with the camera
but this is the Lancashire/Yorkshire border

The view from our moorings

I shouted John as I spotted deer
I then realised they are fenced in - a deer farm, not quiet the same!

Saturday 3.5 miles Foulridge Tunnel 1640 yards
Sunday .5 mile

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  1. Note on photograph!

    The grass is much much greener on the Yorkshire side. Someone must have left the barrier open.


    M n M


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