Monday, 4 June 2012

Return to Wigan

We have retraced our steps today returning to Wigan, ready for the Wigan flight of locks in the morning (22 from where we are to the top)!  We have moored along with NB Bees Knees with whom we are sharing the locks with, it is so much easier to share double locks.

We stopped along the way in Burscough, to use the services, there was a boat using the water tap so we moored under the bridge, we emptied the cassettes and then I went off to Tescos.  Now its not far up the road, but I did a fairly big shop and I was back before John had finished filling up our water tank, not because we were empty, but because the guy who was on the services, not only filled up his tank, but then apparently a load of other large containers he had on his boat.  Oh well, it did mean John didn't have to move and wait for me.  We also found a really good bakers, just behind the services in a courtyard, lovely croissants and bread and small custard tarts that were straight out of the oven and hadn't had time to set.  Again there were only a very few boats on the move, fortunately we met a couple, exiting locks which made life a bit easier.

So in the morning, it is new territory again.

 Looking down the Rufford Branch

Lovely Pink Hawthorne

The water lilies are starting to flower

Very posh duck house

This lock wouldn't fill, I wonder why, not only leaky gates but one had a hole in it!

16.5 miles, 5 locks, 4 swing bridges

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