Sunday, 24 June 2012

After the Storm

Friday was a complete wash out, the rain and wind were awful.  Saturday was a little better and we went for a good walk around Skipton doing the 'tourist trail'.  We were visited in the afternoon by George and Kath for a natter and coffee and to repeat our thank you's for their help and goodbye's, it was lovely to see you both and I am sure we will catch up again on the cut in the future.

This morning as forecast was much better it had stopped raining (just!), so we filled up with water, which we were getting pretty desperate for, turned around and headed towards Leeds.  It was a pleasant cruise, but soon the amount of flooding in the dale was apparent, in many places the actual course of the river Aire could not even be seen due to the flooded areas around it.  Fortunately it looks like only farm land has been affected but it is close to some houses, so we can only hope they have escaped.

There are lots of swing bridges along this stretch, some we shared, some we did on our own, and one goes down as the b******* bridge of the cruise so far, as I could not get it to open, eventually just as John was mooring up to come and help I managed to open it, then, when open and two other boats were in sight, a lady insisted that I close it for her to get across before the other boats came through, as she was late for something, I bet, one of the other boats recognised her and said she always does it, anyway as I had struggled to open it, I didn't fully close it so she had to jump the last bit so I could re-open it without it getting stuck again.  We have cruised to the outskirts of Bingley, this afternoon the windy has got stronger and stronger and we are now being buffeted against the bank, but at least its not raining!

We just loved the closed sign
It says 'Someone ate all the pies' apologies for the quality, a phone photo in the rain

Freddy Trueman sculpture

Flooded Airedale

Still lovely views

The view from our moorings

NB Bees Knees on her home mooring
(a very nice spot it is too!)

11.5 miles 14 Swing Bridges some manual some electric some a combination of both!

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