Saturday, 16 June 2012

Floating once again.

Well after the overnight downpour and a little adjustment of the water level by B.W. we are once again afloat. !

I took the opportunity to turn the boat around and so we are now moored Bow in, which seems to be the practise here, with good reason. I am so glad that we stipulated shore line hook up's at the Bow and Stern. So now on land line from the Bow, with the added bonus that filling the water tank is now a breeze, with only one hosepipe in use. The practicalities of living on a boat are such that little matters like water and emptying the Loo take on mammoth scales. It is a fair walk from our mooring to the elsan point, along a track which can be best described as rugged!. Our Thetford cassette has wheels, but it could really do with being a 4x4 to cope with the terrain. Guess what job I am not looking forward to tomorrow!

Once again, I have to say a really big thank you to George and Kath. George came this morning and after having diagnosed the problem causing the Bow Thruster to cease working, replaced the wiring and fuse holder. We are now cooking on gas. This is really what I love about canal living. People are just so friendly and want to help each other. So once again, George and Kath, a really big thank you.

Guess what ! As I type it is persisting it down ! I knew talk of drought earlier in the year was premature and inviting retribution.

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